What is the C5DS designation?

The Certified 5 Day Specialist (C5DS) is a Nation Real Estate designation that educates and enables you to run 5 Day Method Sales anywhere in the US.

How will it help grow my business?

The 5 Day Method helps the agent create a perpetual database of clients. Each sale generates 50+ new leads. These are not leads that you are buying off of the internet for $50 each. These are customers that you have met in person and that are trying to buy a home right now.

How will a 5 Day Method sale help my customers?

To name a few of the benefits, a 5 Day Method sale will sell the customer’s home in 5 short days, get them full market value and decrease their holding costs.

What are some of the other advantages of the 5 Day Method?

There are dozens of reasons why selling a home with a 5 Day Method sale is better than listing a house through the MLS. Using our 5 Day Method will:

  • Double your commissions
  • Get more leads than you can handle alone
  • Grow your business, not your credit card balance
  • Turn sales faster – know exactly when you will get paid
  • Bring multiple buyers per property
  • Produce back up buyers
  • Thrill homeowners – Wouldn’t you be happy if your home sold in 5 Days!

What more can you ask for? Read about more advantages on our Why Get the Designation page.

How do I become a Certified 5 Day Method Specialist (C5DS)?

Becoming a 5 Day Method Specialist (C5DS) and doubling your commissions is easy! The Certified 5 Day Specialist course takes 1 day and can be completed in person or online. Call 888-573-7235 or Enroll on our website to begin your one day online training.

How much does it cost to become designated?

The cost for the 5 Day Method designation is $1995 (if paid in full upon enrollment). The tuition can also be paid using a Payment Plan.

How do I know that this investment will be worth it?

Each of our 5 Day Method Designees typically:

  • Earns 6% commission (in most cases) – receive 100% more commission on each listing
  • Gets 50+ phone leads per 5 Day Method Sale
  • Gets 25+ registered visitor leads per 5 Day Method Sale
  • Gets 15+ offers per 5 Day Method Sale

Example: $300,000 sales price

  • Typical agent commission for MLS listing: 3% = $9,000
  • 5 Day Method Sale commission: 6% = $18,000

Is there a payment plan?

The tuition for the 5 Day Method Designation Course can be paid for in three ways:

  1. One lump sum of $1995 (upon enrollment)
  2. $995 (upon enrollment), and then two monthly payments of $500 or
  3. $1295 (upon enrollment), and then $900 upon closing of the first 5 Day Method Sale.

How do I learn more about the program?

You can learn more about how to Sell any home in 5 Days with the 5 Day Method on our Why Get the Designation page.