How “5 Day” Works

Get it Sold and Off the Market

The 5 Day Method is a revolutionary method used to sell a home. Yea!

The beauty of the 5 Day Method is that the proprietary marketing system ensures that there will be enough interest in the property to sell your home for the highest possible price. The 5 Day Method is risk free to buyers and sellers.

The 5 Day Method simply finds a buyer and a price acceptable to the seller…. and all happens in just 5 Days.

The 5 Day Method basics:

  1. The home is prepped and marketed with our unique process
  2. Marketing is measured to ensure success
  3. Open house is held Saturday and Sunday for buyers to inspect and leave initial bids
  4. Buyers increase their offers through our Round Robin process
  5. Home is sold to the highest bidder Sunday evening
  6. Take a break and celebrate

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