Does the 5 Day Method really work?

In most cases, yes. In every 5 Day Method sale you will get offers. The process is designed to create a buying frenzy. In many cases, 10+ offers. This sales process has been used successfully thousands of times. But, in some cases, the seller does not feel that the highest offer is acceptable. In which case, the seller simply refuses the high offer.

What if the seller does not like the best offer?

In the rare incidence that the seller does not receive an offer that is acceptable they can simply refuse it. Its that simple. The 5 Day Method agent still walks away with 50+ leads of perspective customers looking for a home right now.

How does the Round Robin work?

The “Round Robin” is the part of the sale that occurs on the final evening of the 5 Day Method sale. During this phase we allow the perspective buyers to increase their offers and “compete” for the home. The Robin Robin increases the transparency of the sale as they determine the value of the home and not the agent or seller.

Is a 5 Day Method sale a cash only auction?

5 Day Method sales are not auctions and they are not cash only sales. Once the “Round-Robin” is concluded and a “Best Bidder” is awarded the sale, the buyer and seller enter into a traditional closing with a standard Real Estate Contract and if the seller chooses they can finance the home like any other sale. The transaction is handled like any typical real estate sale subject to financing (if applicable), property inspection(s), and appraisal. The sale closes like a “regular” real estate transaction.

What if the home doesn’t appraise?

The only difference between the 5 Day Method and a “regular” home sale is the method of marketing. If the home does not appraise then you can cancel the contract within the allotted time.

How do I sell my home using the 5 Day Method?

Give us a call @ 888-573-7235 and we will help you find a Certified 5 Day Method Specialist (C5DS).

How is a 5 Day Method sale different from a standard MLS listing?

The 5 Day Method process allows the market to set the price of the home and to bring you multiple offers in one weekend. Under a standard MLS listing, an agent sets a price and waits for the buyers.

What if I don’t like the top offer?

The 5 Day Method agent presents the high offer to the seller and if the offer is not acceptable to the seller then the seller is under no obligation to sell the home.

How does a 5 Day Method sale work?

5 Day Method sale is a buyer and seller friendly sale that eliminates all the usual risks associated with selling a home. The 5 Day Method Specialist markets the home for 1 week, and then holds an Open House at which offers are accepted for the home. The high offer is then presented to the seller. If accepted, the home closes like and other sale.